Lot’s 9 best gewaardeerde foodfoto’s 2018!

23 mei 2024

These pictures are the most liked Instagram food photos of 2018 and I truly love all your lovely comments and likes! Thank you very much! ❤️???? Today, on the last day of 2018, I wish everybody a Healthy, Happy and Homecooking 2019! ????⭐️

For me it was a wonderful and busy 2018! I both love cooking and baking so much, connecting with people all around the world, being inspired by other people, cooking books, cooking magazines and other beautiful accounts! I love sharing plenty of delicious and beautiful homemade food, testing new recipes in my kitchen and making videos and pictures of my cooking skills. And I am still learning a lot!

Moreover I love to see growing my followers over 6.000 now! ❤️ For me it is really a big challenge to inspire you everyday by cooking, baking, beautiful foodphotograpy and writing about it! It is really my biggest passion!

In 2019 I am really excited sharing more beautiful pictures and videos of incredible and delicious homemade food with a lot of taste all over the world and love inspiring you all!

Have an amazing 2019 and let all your dreams come true! ✨

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